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Packaging is a complex service which involves science, art & marketing ideas

Denish Rokad
Managing Director

Gopal Printpack Solutions
Packaging is a complex service which involves science, art & marketing ideas. When I say Service, packaging itself cannot exist, it needs a product, so it is a service for some other goods.
Packaging needs a sound technical knowledge only then a product can be contained, preserved, transported, stored and can be used. Packaging has evolved as per the needs of the society and brand owners.
Today packaging is not limited to only contain, preserve or transport goods but it also inform, display, communicate & sell. This industry has attracted the artists and the marketing people who create innovative designs and generate new ideas to create an image in consumers mind for the brands.
Packaging is wonderful thing to exist in our society but society also needs to understand that if the end user is not handling the packaging well enough then this can be a curse for all living creatures of this planet.
We at Gopal Printpack Solutions along with Shreeja Multi Films Pvt. Ltd. are determined to provide a suitable & sustainable packaging to the brand owners, we constantly thrive and are working hard in this pursuit. And last but not the least us as a society should be more conscious on using and disposing of the package after consuming the goods, be it any package bottle, paper, plastics etc.